project Whether PSI is involved in short-term or long-term projects, we strive for excellence in the details and maintaining open communication with our clients from start to completion.

We have had a long history of supplying control systems at the local munitions plants. Two of our senior engineers are process control engineers with over 50 years of combined experience on plant.

Process Control Systems

  • Waste Acid Control Strategies Upgrade
  • NC Cutter Upgrade and Controls Integration
  • NC Deflaking Controls Design and Ongoing Support
  • NC Slurry Mass Flow Meter Diagnostics and Integration
  • Canister Packing Systems Integration
  • Canister Labeling and Tracking
  • Waste Incinerator DEQ Permit and HMI Software

Automated Test Systems

  • Realtime X-Ray Inspection Controls
  • MACS Lab Scale Logging
  • Two-inch Rheology Press Control and Data Acquisition

Environmental Permit Systems

  • Explosive Waste Incinerator
  • Open Burning Ground

Recipe Enforcement and Material Tracking Systems

  • Bulk Material Tracking and Shipping
  • Chemical Preparation Barcode Labeling and Tracking
  • Propellant Blender Recipe Control
  • Rocket Motor Visual Inspection Logging
  • Multi-base Paste Blending and Material Tracking
  • Multi-base Slurry Storage and Tracking
  • NC Canister Tracking
  • NC Dewatering/Compacting Drum Labeling and Tracking
  • NC Scale Programming and Integration
  • Propellant Inventory Tracking and Storage (PITS)
  • Single-base Material and Recipe Control